GIRinfO is a unique tool in mitigating credit risks by facilitating the improvement of customer-data-base quality and meeting the needs for car-finance information.

GIRinfO was developed specifically for meeting the needs of financial institutions, providing single window secure access to databases operated by various database managers.

GIRinfO supports:

  • crediting risks reduction,
  • rapid credit decisions making,
  • fight against money laundering,
  • reliable identification of customers (natural entities) based on verifying different ID cards,
  • verification of the addresses of natural entities,
  • access to up to date, in-depth company information.

Databases accessible via GIRinfO

  • ID document-, address- and vehicle databases of the Central Office for Electronic Adminis-trative and Public Services,
  • Chattel mortgage register of the Hungarian National Chamber of Notaries (MOKK),
  • Company information database of Opten Ltd.

As GIRinfO provides access to databases containing personal information, the company gives special emphasis on complying with the “Act on right of information self determination and freedom of information (CXII. 2011)”.

To be eligible for GIRinfO services, the applicant must be a financial institution or a business organisation engaged in lending-type activities supervised by the Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority.

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