Service enabling direct submission of multiple payment orders by the licenced customers of BKR direct participants.

GIRODirect service enables direct access of the clearing system not only for BKR participants but also for a wider clientele. GIRO Zrt. has been providing this service since 1998 for businesses with legal personality, and for those organisations regulated by the act on public finances, whose account keeping bank is a BKR participant and who have the written permission of the letter to use this service.

With the help of GIRODirect application, clients are able to send mass credit transfer orders directly and securely to GIRO Zrt. as well as to exchange financial messages with their account keeping bank (initiating non-mass credit transfers in HUF and other currencies). Confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of the data flow are guaranteed by GIROLock certificate.

Payment orders can be presented 7*24 hours, but processing follows the clearing schedule of the overnight clearing procedure (InterGIRO1).

Since this service is used predominantly by the Hungarian State Treasury and its customers, their expectations are treated as top priority in the process of client program development. The majority of mass credit transfer orders are generated by this clientele, including salaries, wages, social benefits and allowances paid by the Hungarian State Treasury and the pensions paid by the State Pension Fund.

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