Telecommunication network service providing access to the services of GIRO Zrt and its authorised partners and communication among customers.

GIROHáló is offered as a stand-alone infrastructure service by GIRO Zrt. as from 1st of January 2009.
When GIRO Zrt. started its operation the predecessor of GIROHáló provided an outstandingly safe communication network exclusively for GIRO’s clearing service. Today it is available for GIRO Zrt.’s all clients as well as for GIRO Zrt’s partners, who can publish their services on GIROHáló on the basis of Cooperation Agreement signed with GIRO Zrt.

It includes  hardware components for network communication (active network components, managed lines, etc.), as well as data transmission methods which enable customers’ communication between the various services and the different systems. The components of GIROHáló are scalable; there are differ-ent packages adjusted to client demand and the utilised services.

GIROHáló does not permit unauthorized network traffic. Therefore GIRO Zrt. configures  access points so as to let only registered traffic get through, i.e. it does not only limit access to the network, but also verifies whether the access point is authorized to use the given business (non-clearing) service.

Services provided by GIRO Zrt. via GIROHáló infrastructure are:

  • Clearing service
  • GIRinfO

Services of GIRO Zrt.’s partners offering their own services via GIROHáló:

  • WebeC and BKPR cash logistics services of MNB (the central bank of Hungary) offered  for commercial banks and CIT companies dealing with cash transportation as well as cash proc-essing services
  • KHR: service of BISZ Zrt., who operates the Central Credit Information System database for financial institutes
  • Optimus service of G4S Készpénzlogisztikai Zrt, which enables  simple and up-to-date cash related transactions performed between commercial banks and MNB

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