GIRinfO is a unique tool to reduce lending risks, helping to improve the quality of creditors' client databases and to meet information requirements related to vehicle financing.

Purpose of the GIRinfO service

A GIRinfO Data Processing Service has been developed specifically for financial institutes, providing a single-window service for secure access to databases operated by different database administrators, assisting:

  • reduction of credit risks and losses arising therefrom

  • quick creditor’s decision-making

  • combatting money-laundering

  • reliable identification of clients (individuals and legal entities)

  • checking the address and key personal documents of individuals

  • access to the most up-to-date, broad company information

Benefits of using the service:

  • makes databases operated by different database operators available through a single contract (single-window service

  • thanks to the online system, the requested information are available within seconds (except for the personal property mortgage register)

  • all clients have access to GIRinfO at a single rate, and can benefit from low prices thanks to the concentrated query volume

  • fees for GIRinfO queries are payable monthly in arrears, even if a database operator provides its service to its direct contractors only up to the limit of a prepaid balance

  • a dedicated Business Customer Service and Help Desk to assist users, GIRinfO's closed network, designed to ensure smooth interbank clearing transactions and to meet all banking security requirements, provides access to databases that are otherwise only accessible via an open network (the Internet)

  • GIRO Zrt. is constantly expanding the range of databases available via GIRinfO in order to fully meet the stated objectives of the service

  • option of mass data query, by submitting even through a physical data storage media (without IT development)


Vehicle register data

The database contains all current registration data for vehicles registered in Hungary. Available data

  • ownership data
  • details of the vehicle operator
  • vehicle identification data
  • technical information and engine number
  • mileage and date of recording
  • vehicle documents and official cards, certificates
  • details of certificates
  • official records
  • presence on the wanted list

From the retrieved data, essential information can be obtained for credit purposes. The vehicle documents include the option charges for the vehicle and any restrictions or prohibitions that have been recorded in the course of a traffic law enforcement procedure. If the vehicle is wanted, this fact is indicated for all types of queries.

Moreover, it is possible to query the identification data of vehicles owned by a legal entity by company registration number (up to 100 vehicles), as well as to query the vehicle identification data of vehicles owned by a legal entity in groups by company registration number or by a company with more than 100 vehicles.

Vehicle registration data can be retrieved from both the vehicle register and the document register. In addition to the vehicle registration number, the vehicle make or chassis number is required to retrieve data from the vehicle register.

Document register data

Personal and address details

The actual personal and address details of natural persons my be queried from the database. The register can be used to improve the availability of clients who have changed their place of residence and to clean the database. Available data

  • permanent address
  • temporary address (place of residence)
  • personal details

The system also displays the personal and address details of the persons placed on passive status, indicating the reason for the passivation, which may be, for example, the permanent departure of the person concerned abroad, his/her death or the termination of his/her Hungarian citizenship.

There are two ways to search the database:

  • by providing the searched person’s the personal ID No. (personal No.), or
  • or natural ID data.

Facial image and signature data

The document register can be used to retrieve the facial images and signatures found in personal documents. Knowing the facial image and signature associated with a document virtually eliminates the risk of fraudulent manipulation of documents.

Available data

  • facial image and signature provided in the personal ID card
  • facial image and signature provided in the passport

The database stores signatures and facial images of passports and identity cards. For card format documents, the signature and (colour) facial image on the document can be retrieved, while for old format documents, a scanned extract of the document application card containing the facial image and signature can be retrieved. The content of the response information is in image format, which, unlike other transactions, cannot be printed/saved but can only be viewed due to legal requirements. Once the type and number of the document is known, the photograph and signature contained therein can be promptly verified.

Data available from the database of the Hungarian National Chamber of Notaries (MOKK)

Personal property mortgage register data

From the register it can be queries whether the personal property of a given domestic or foreign individual, company or other entity is included as coverage for a legal transaction. On the basis of the data recorded in the register, the Database Manager certifies as follows:

  • personal details of the pledgee, any personal debtor and the pledgee
  • description of the pledged coverage
  • the ranking, title and maximum amount of the secured claim
  • its premiums and currency denomination, maturity
  • any other information relating to the mortgage which is relevant for the purposes of the register

Should the pledgee be not listed in the register, the Database Manager shall provide information thereon.

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